I’m a Ph.D. marine scientist, stand up paddler, scuba diver, and a mom. So I spend a lot of my time studying, exploring, playing in and around, and worrying about the oceans.

My goal for Seajiggy is simple: Save our oceans by promoting fun and accessible ocean exploration, adventures, and lifestyle.

I believe that if you play in the ocean, you will love the ocean. And if you love the ocean, you will protect it.

So here at Seajiggy, I share awesome ocean science, product reviews, useful how-tos and more – to be a resource and an inspiration for everyone to get on the water, live a more sustainable life, and protect & enjoy the oceans.

Welcome aboard!


A little about me:

  1. My career in marine biology started when I spent 3 months on a very, very remote beach in Madagascar learning to scuba dive and researching coral reefs. (Madagascan cockroaches are no joke!)
  2. My favorite marine animal is the Manta Ray.
  3. I have a Ph.D. in marine ecology and spent 7 years studying krill. You know, the little shrimpy guys with big eyes that get gobbled up by whales.
  4. I was stand up paddleboarding at 38 weeks pregnant!
  5. I am a certified Scientific Diver and have over 200 scientific scuba dives.
  6. I spent my 30th birthday picking a fight with a Portuguese Man-of-War. (I don’t recommend it).
  7. My biggest ocean dream is to swim with whale sharks. (One day soon!)