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The Ultimate Guide to adventure as a mom

Aug 30, 2019 | Adventure


My early-20’s highlight reel includes scuba diving in Madagascar, putting together skeletons in Bosnia, and road-tripping through Baja.

Then in my late twenties, I started a Ph.D., found an awesome guy, and over the next 10 years we advanced our careers, bought a house, and had a kid.

Somewhere along the way I adventured less, worked more, and lost a little piece of myself.


I remember reflecting one evening that my excitement was focused on picking out a new blender. Something had to change! And I kept coming back to one word—adventure.



Fast forward a few months and I applied to be an ambassador for the Adventure Mamas Initiative—a non-profit that redefines motherhood and promotes wellness in mamas through adventure.

These ladies are a bunch of badass climbers, mountaineers, long-distance runners, and traveling nomads who spread the message of AMI and inspire other moms to get adventurous.


I applied to be an ambassador because I hoped it would force me to regain my adventurous side and finally take action on my dream to start an ocean adventure themed blog.

Well, it’s working. I became an ambassador and launched Seajiggy this past year. And I’m also on my own path to rediscovering, or maybe redefining, adventure in my life.


As an Adventure Mamas ambassador, I want to provide a resource for moms who are struggling to make that leap (like myself).

And who better to ask than other AMI ambassador moms on the what, why and how of adventuring as a mom?

So I surveyed some of the most awesome women on the planet about the importance of adventure in their lives and how they manage to fit it in between naps, carpools, jobs, and all the other responsibilities of modern adulting.

Their responses are practical, candid, inspiring, and beautiful.


I originally thought I’d write a single post based on their answers, but these nine women (with 17 kids between them, ranging from 20 months to 18 years old) had so much awesome wisdom that it can’t be contained in one measly little post.

What follows is a series of posts filled with real-life tips to inspire you to get outdoors, which together I’ve dubbed “The Ultimate Guide to Adventure as a Mom”.

I hope you find it inspiring and helpful!



The Ultimate Guide to Adventure as a Mom


A million thanks to the awesome ladies who contributed to this guide!

Brigid Pickett @trail.bird.mama
Brinn Bagley Chipman @brinnelizabeth
Helen Cooper @seajiggy
Jackie Trejo @jackietrejo_
Karen DeWolfe @momthlete
Lauren Sargent @freckled_wanderer
Melinda Turner @mt.mama.wellness
Robin Robledo @nomadswithapurpose
Stephanie Vidergar @mindingthepath
Tess Ley @tiny_green_hands

The Ultimate Guide to adventure as a mom

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